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The Emergence of Male Sex Toys in Today’s Society

By: Eric Schmidt

Ladies have been getting pleasure from sex toys for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Predominantly, these sex toys were dildos, normally made from a tough wood. Then, in the late 19th century, we saw the appearance of vibrators, and no later than the 1920’s you could find vibrators in Sears’ catalogs. Girls have always gotten to enjoy of sex toys although, until recently, they were, mainly, rather quiet about about the subject. How about men? Male sex toys only recently started down the slow path to being as standard in society as dildos and vibrators.
Nevertheless, numerous people, even many girls who make use of dildos and vibrators of their own, perceive sex toys for men, such as fake vaginas and Fleshlights, as only being owned by lonely men, and somewhat nasty. They may not perceive male masturbation as gross by and large, but there’s something about a man employing a sex toy they view as improper.
Fortuitously, as time goes on, male sex toys are gaining ground and approval. Which brings me to the chief issue of this article; what are male sex toys?
There are a number of different sex toys for men, some of which are meant to be enjoyed by couples, such as cock rings. Cock rings can be as simple as a metal ring to something more, a few are even vibrating, giving the girl more intense clitoral stimulation throughout sex.
Another popular male sex toy is the p-spot stimulator. This does precisely what its name implies, it stimulates the p-spot. The p-spot is very comparable to the female g-spot in its nerve density. Countless men find it extraordinarily pleasant to have his prostate stimulated. prostate stimulators are akin in shape to dildos but they have a special shape that allows them to readily make contact with and rub the male p-spot. This type of sex toy can be used throughout self masturbation, or they can remain in during sex, the movement of your body will cause the toy to massage the p-spot.
After that there are cock cages. Cock cages are employed during BDSM, in all levels, the wearer is very nearly always a sub or slave. Their only use is to serve as a chastity device and inhibit the penis from becoming hard. This gives the sub a sense of vulnerability as the dom has complete control over him.
This brings us to the fashion of sex toy that most people visualize when they hear ‘male sex toy’, the male masturbator. There are several styles of male masturbators available to buy these days, from very basic silicone pads that a man uses in his hand, to fake vaginas all the way up to dolls.
One of the most renowned male masturbators is the Fleshlight, the Fleshlight is an extremely lifelike feeling masturbator that is ‘hidden’ is a large, flashlightesque case. They come in a wide range of types and inner textures and right now you can find them molded from 10 different porn stars. However, the Fleshlight isn’t the solitary toy that’s molded after porn stars, you can find many masturbators that are molds of the entire waist region of women. Depending on the material they’re made of, they can span from $30 to $300 and can be amazingly realistic.
So, there it is, the sex toys for men. Be open about it, if you’re a man, try some toys, if your a lady, don’t judge, everyone enjoys new things and pleasurable experiences!

Article Source: http://adultcontentarticles.net

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