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Store your Toys…

I love my new toy box!!!!!  My collection of toys started to overflow a briefcase that my husband had.  In fact, the contents broke one of the locks.  With children in the house, I didn’t want them to come across any of my toys again.  When my daughter was 5, she found my first vibrator and came down the hall asking what it was.  I was in total shock and dismay.  I couldn’t speak.  I think there have been many other moms put in the same predicament.  My husband told her (what I think is the standard response) that it was a back massager…LOL.  But I realized then that I needed to keep it and all my items under lock and key.   Over the years as the collection of toys, games, lubes, etc…grew, my storage container went bust.  I found this “luggage” that is perfect.  I keep it under the bed or in the closet and the kids’ think it is just another suitcase.  I recommend to anyone that is looking for toy storage to check it out, just click on the link.   www.stifftoys.com/prod_info.php?a=stifftoys&pnum=CNVELD-9980-02


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  1. March 4, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Glad you enjoyed it Tabitha. We only hope you enjoy what you keep in it more 🙂

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