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Party Time!

Well, spring has sprung, flowers are beginning to bloom and it’s that time of year when loving couples make plans to tie the old knot (so to speak). But, before that memorable day comes, the lucky bachelor and bachelorette get one last night of freedom and sometimes mayhem. A night in which only their best of friends can make possible (and quite memorable) with good planning a sprinkling of little devilish intent and lots of drinks. Yes, we are talking about the infamous Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. A night when friends try to make you do things that would make a sailor blush and your future significant other shiver. But, you willingly go with the flow, because the tequila tells you it’s OK and you probably won’t remember much of it anyway.
Bachelorette party ideas:

Play games:

  1. Suck4aBuck – Prepare a white T-shirt for the bride-to-be by sticking Lifesaver all over it. Have guys in the bar pay to suck a lifesaver off the shirt for money. The closer to an intimate body part the more it will cost.
  2. Scavenger Hunt with the Bride – Have all the girls come up with light-hearted dares for the bride to accomplish and check off. Things like “Ask for a Sex On The Beach drink at a bar”, “Dance with a bald headed man”, “Get a guy’s underwear”, “Have a guy do a body shot off of your stomach”, “Have the bride yell in a bar ‘I am getting married and I may be making the biggest mistake of my life’ in front of everyone”, and many more!
  3. Penis Ring TossPeter Pecker is a hilarious game to spice up your next ladies only party. While men throw horseshoes at a barbecue, ladies need a game that will keep their attention. The game is simple; take turns tossing rings at the foot long dong on a life size doll. Whoever rings the ding wins. Laugh out loud fun that may start the gossip on penis size!2.

Decorations: Decorations for the home Bachelorette Party are crucial.

  1. Balloons are always a favorite… from boobies to penis’s there is no party without balloons.
  2. Phallic themed dinnerware is always a great conversation piece. This may be the last piece she gets ;-).
  3. The Penis Bouquet. Your bachelorette may be carrying the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on her lucky day, but on her lucky night make her carry a beautiful wiener bouquet.
  4. There is always the ever famous Pecker Veil. What bride is without her veil? This fun bachelorette veil is decorated with small peckers down the back and an easy to wear clip to affix to her hair. Every bride-to-be shouldn`t go without this fun veil the night of her party.


  1. Home Party – Perfect for those that want to just spend their time with friends and not get to crazy in front of strangers. Just remember to decorate and supply the fun party favors.
  2. Favorite Bar – Going to your favorite drinking spot is always fun. The down side may be like they say in that famous TV show…”It’s where everybody knows your name”, so getting a little wild may be a little embarrassing later.
  3. Las Vegas – Lights, glitz, glamour!! Las Vegas, home of the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” slogan, is the number one destination for many a pre-nuptial festivity. Filled with night clubs, dance clubs, strip clubs (for both men and women) and even the opportunity to hire strippers right to your room for a little more private (and maybe even naughty) fun for just you and your friends. You can hire out private booths at some of the most popular night spots for VIP treatment.

So, if you are in charge of planning the festivities for that final night of freedom, remember to make it fun and memorable for the future bride. Home parties are great, but going out on the town can be even more fun and sometimes even a little embarrassing for the bride-to-be. Just remember to keep it safe and hire a party bus or designate a driver so that you all make it to the church safely.

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