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Crystal Delights Anal Plug

Special thanks to ThatToyChick.com for the video Review.

The Crystal Delights Plug is a gorgeous looking butt plug.  The glass itself is absolutely clear and flawless Pyrex, shining brightly from the sun streaming in my window with faucets of light shimmering like diamonds.  It features an authentic Swarovski crystal at the base for sexy butt jewelry bling that comes in Clear, Aurora Borealis, Rose Pink and Mint Green. Crystal Delights Glass Butt Plugs are the ultimate in quality, luxury design.  They are exquisite designer products that are tres chic, classy, body and earth friendly, as well as smartly and elegantly packaged.”–DominaDoll, PopMyCherryReview.com

“If you’re looking for something ultra-cute to impress your beaux, Andelloux recommends the Pyrex Mint Plug by Crystal Delights. “[It’s] bling for your butt.  How could someone not want to play with a sparkly butt?””–Mariel Loveland, HerCampus.com

“First off I must admit, I’m pretty picky with toys and was a tiny bit hesitant about a glass butt plug having never used glass prior.  But after a few moments of play any reservations I had flew right out the window. It felt absolutely amazing. The tear shaped body was perfect for all kinds of sexual activity; it stayed in place the entire time without a problem. Hence, you can remain focused on your partner instead of worrying about it falling out or the base sliding in too far… I give this toy five stars and not just because my girlfriend thinks its pretty but because it is very well designed, and sure to provide you with absolute anal bliss.”–SexualityHappens.com

“She will feel like royalty and beg for more when you gift her this Crystal Delights Plug [$80] for Valentine’s Day. High quality and hand crafted by VirtuallyAdult and RubyGlass21, made of ultra smooth Pyrex glass with an authentic Swarovski crystal! This toy works perfect for anal play with its elongated head for easy insertion. Crystal Delights is designed and constructed for the plug connoisseur. Each Crystal Delights product is made from the highest quality Pyrex glass; which is the only type of glass that has been proven to be safe to use internally.”–uberapparatus.com

“My Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug  is a high quality, hand crafted ultra smooth Pyrex glass insertable manufactured by RubyGlass21  and customized by VirtuallyAdult. The plug features a petite spade-shaped head with a maximum diameter of no more than an inch. This sits gracefully atop an unusually long 2” stem that finally flares out to make the base, in which is embedded the sapphire-like crystal. Everyone has a butthole and the Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug  is an equal opportunity pleasure plug… I highly recommend this beauty.”–Dr Dick Sex Toy Reviews

“Without getting too into the specific details of this product’s use, suffice to say that glass toys are a lot of fun, and this one is very well made. I like glass toys (RubyGlass21 uses medical-grade Pyrec borosilicate “hard” glass) because they’re easy to clean, work well with just about any lubricant, and are perfect for conducting sexy temperature experiments, hot and cold. They’re also more eco-friendly than most toys, a hallmark of both the Virtually Adult “Rethinking Intimacy” web store…”–Sarah Estrella, Sex & Relationships Examiner

“Not only is the base happily safe for my hungry butt, it is very nice on the eyes. The plug came in a sweet black pouch, complete with a little glass trinket (not really my taste but I imagine a lot of customers would like it), a few (chocolate!) condoms and the best part: boy butter water-based lube. Personally, I think ALL anal sex toys should be shipped with lube samples. Extra goodies were a great touch, but the plug is the real shining winner. Quality smooth Pyrex and a cool crystal color of Aurora Borealis which makes a beautiful ass jewel — booty bling”–Jiz Lee, GenderQueer Pornstar

“I have never seen one shine so absolutely brilliantly! Most plugs hide very quickly between the cheeks, but the Virtually Adult plug has enough length to stick out proudly, even when the wearer is standing. So my little one sparkled like a slutty sapphire engagement ring from some cheap mall jewelry store (and I say that with reverence), and I was pleased… I would give 4.5 stars because of my stainless bias, but cannot, so I give 5. Its’ worth it!”–Eve Minx, CarnalNation

“I’ve always thought that it takes a real man to stick something up his butt, no matter what it is. This is the perfect plug for both beginner butt play (you know, a diamond in the rough) and setting a mood. The stem seems longer than most plugs, which is great for really getting in their and mining those sensitive spots while also letting the sparkle really brighten up where the sun don’t shine… Let this be a light for you in dark places; you just might find yourself bedazzled.”–Jack Hoffman, CarnalNation

“The Crystal Delights glass anal plug by Virtually Adult is a toy that immediately made me squeal with girly excitement when I unwrapped it… I unzipped the carabiner-attached case and was surprised to find a gorgeous glass butt plug with a swirling whirlwind of northern lights on the inside… The end of the plug’s handle is inset with a colorful crystal jewel that matches the gleam of the colors inside the glass. The girth of the plug is moderately shaped, enough to notice but not too much to feel too full. It has a long and slender stem, more so than any of my other anal glass or steel plugs, but not too delicate as to insight worry about a possible break…”–Nadia Boots, CarnalNation

“”An amazingly beautiful, crystal butt plug. If you own a plug, I can guarantee you that it isn’t as beautiful as this. The amazing  VirtuallyAdult  and Rubyglass21 have designed a piece with pure beauty… This plug is even more beautiful than any photo that you will see, and that is due to the innate ability of a Swarovski Crystal to capture the attention of its audience through its glittering facets.”–PrettyPowerTools.com

“I absolutely adore this plug. It is gorgeous, and it’s perfect for surprising for partner, or just knowing that you have a beautifully jeweled butthole… I’ve worked with quite a few different sites and companies, and I feel like it’s worth a mention that this company has been FANTASTIC to deal with. That’s rare, and deserves a second thank you”–britisshameless.com

“My desire for beauty and my desire for anal pleasure, both are satisfied… I love having the Crystal Delights plug in me. The genuine Swarovski crystal is like jewelry for your tush and makes my butt feel beautiful. Plus, it gets me pretty wet. I’m not sure what it is about anal stimulation that makes my juices flow, but it’s great! And it was a lot of fun to flash my hubby with it as a surprise.”–True Pleasures

“For use, the plug definitely works. The plug is large enough to feel during use, but it isn’t large enough to be uncomfortable or problematic to beginners. If you’ve had at least minimal anal experience, this glass plug shouldn’t be too difficult to take. It may take a little bit of foreplay and warming up to get this in, but it’s definitely possible to do. The weight of the plug definitely makes itself known, but it isn’t uncomfortable in the slightest…”–Kinky-World.net

“VirtuallyAdult.com offers a great Glass butt plug from Crystal Delights!  This is so much fun because it is smooth, goes great with your fave lube  and can be heated up or cooled down with water for a completely different sensation!!  The Crystal Delights Anal Plug comes beautifully wrapped in its own pouch!! Discreet and safe!”–GeeSpot Reviews

“The Crystal Delights Dichroic Glass Butt Plug is, as you guessed it, made of glass… The storage that’s included with this is amazing. It’s so discreet, and it’s perfect. It’s a little shell made from hard plastic that zips closed, and inside the case is soft foam that cushions your toy. The case also includes an elastic strap that straps your pulg into the case… It looks absolutely gorgeous. Mine has a custom-made pink gem at the end of it, but the regularly included gem looks amazing as well. My favorite part is the small little blue pieces of glass that are included in the bulb of the plug itself. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and it honestly looks like a piece of art – not a sex toy.”–Kinky-World.net

“A little while back, Virtually Adult sent me the Crystal Delights Glass Plug. I loved it, except that I didn’t love the long base. It made it difficult for the plug to stay in, and impossible to use for extended wear. Well, being the awesome company that they are, Virtually Adult *gasp* listened to my feedback, and made a new, shorter plug! How cool is that? So, they sent it to me to review… I’m extremely happy with my short Crystal Delights plug, and absolutely tickled that it was made based on my first review!”–britisshameless.com

“”The plug, as well as being a very attractive object in its own right, is hand-crafted from Pyrex class and has a large Swarovski crystal embedded in its hilt… Like the people pleasers they are, Virtually Adult send out a free gift with this product. We got a couple of condoms, and some lube–always handy. It’s also worth mentioning the discreet quilted leather and velure protective pouch which accompanies the plug. Besides keeping it safe from harm, it’s an appealing and charming object by itself, and doubtless could serve other functions.”–BizarreSex.com

“For ages I’ve lusted after the Crystal Delights glass anal plugs. After hearing some of the great things people have said about these plugs and seeing the beautiful selection of colors, these plugs have been on my wishlist for quite some time… The toy came wrapped in glittery tissue paper with a wonderful sticker on the seal. You can tell that someone put a lot of care in packaging your plug and that you’re getting something special… Overall I really can’t say enough good things about this plug. It’s beautiful, weighty, and looks like a ginormous diamond in your ass. It’s wonderfully decorative and I can imagine wearing this out to dinner with a partner under a dress, perhaps giving them a flash here and there during the night to tease them with the knowledge my ass is sparkling for them.”–Diary of an Undercover Kinkster

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