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Arabesque Non-Piercing Body Jewelry

Ever wanted that sexy body pierced “look” without the pain or health risks that may be associated with piercing the body? Arabesque Body Creations & Designs has come up with the solution. This unique line of Non-Piercing jewelry is made of solid 18kt and 14kt GOLD or Solid Sterling Silver, combined with Natural Gemstones, the finest Austrian Crystal then personally “hand-crafted” into beautiful “non-piercing” Body Jewelry. This unique line of jewelry is sure to tantalize and tickle you in all the right places.

“In the world of high class quality jewelry for one’s privates, Arabesque Body Creations & Design are leading the pack. The Nipple Dangles and Ultimate Clit Caresser are splendid examples of state-of-the-art, non-piercing adornments. Finely crafted from sterling silver and encrusted with brilliant gemstones, this body wear makes a statement and the statement is pure elegance. The Clit Caresser goes way beyond mere looks; the slightest movement will cause your erogenous zone to explode with trembling delight, and the Nipple Dangles will enhance your chest for all those erotic formal occasions.”


–Saul McCarthy – AVN – Adult Novelty Business Magazine – July 2005–


Tapping, tickling or tugging (gently) of the dangle styles creates the most wonderful sensations. Under a skirt sans panties, mall walking has a whole new definition.


For the caresser, there is still a certain amount of stimulation if worn under panties, but again, the restriction of motion and vibration curtails the sensory enjoyment. A very tiny t-bar allows the dangles to hang on either side, which can then be tickled by you. This is highly recommended as the vibrations are very arousing.

The purpose of the nipple rings is to encircle the nipple, encouraging its erection, and to provide something to hang the dangle and chains from. The Braided Adjustable nipple rings are the most adjustable… they can be opened up completely so a lady could pull her nipple through and put the ring on herself. Still, the best and most fun way for the lady to wear her jewelry is for you to help!

And Guys, Arabesque has not forgotten about you!

The Sterling Silver Cock Ring is loosely, not tightly adjusted around the base of the penis before erection. It allows the natural flow of blood into the penis during erection but comfortably slows the blood flowing back to your body. You accumulate and keep the largest amount of blood in your penis to achieve maximum erection size, hardness and duration.

**About the male jewelry – the purposes are both ornamental and stimulating. I ‘ll try to explain it. Yes, it looks HOT. There is some sensation for the wearer, you get the brushing of the leash against you, the silver’s presence is felt, BUT the cock circlets are not like rubber rings, they do not impede the blood  low sufficiently to prevent ejaculation. You put them on when you are flacid, adjusted so they will barely stay on. When you become erect, they will now fit snugly, and you will feel them. For the lady, the stimulation comes from the beads of the leash, and the circlet worn at the end of the penis. It is a great G-spot stimulator. Please note, if you are both wearing the men’s jewelry and the caresser, watch out  or pinches!!! As far as condom use is concerned, there are no sharp edges on the male jewelry, so there shouldn’t be a problem with tearing the latex. We do not guarantee against condom breakage however.

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