Blog Submission

You may submit content, to be posted to our blog, by emailing us at

All submissions will be screened for the following:

  1. Submission must be relevant to the blog.
  2. Submission must contain information relevant to the blog.
  3. If a revealing picture is submitted of yourself or is not of you (ex: your wife, girlfriend, best friend etc…) then be sure you have permission from the person first as YOU are responsible by law (not this site – USC Title 18 section 2257) for consequences of posting pics that are not yours. See digital millennium copyright act.
  4. StiffToys reserves the right to refuse posting any subjects and/or pictures of anyone that we feel appears underage or inappropriate.
  5. No abusive, degrading or improper language shall be tolerated! (i.e. – slut, whore, etc.)

*IMPORTANT – Please be aware that submitting images and information to any site, including this one, means that 1000’s of people will see them, enjoy them and may even download them and post them elsewhere. It is your responsibility alone, to ensure that you are aware of this fact.

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