BonBon – Natural Contours

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Natural Contours is a line of discreet sex toys shaped to to fit the curves of a woman’s body. The products are designed by Candida Royalle, a well-known name in the adult industry. These vibes have intrigued me for a while now, so when offered the BonBon for review, I eagerly requested it.

The BonBon is made from smooth, nonporous ABS plastic, which is phthalates-free. It’s a curved pentagon shape, measuring 2 3/4 inches long and 2 inches wide at the base, gradually tapering to a nicely rounded, 1/4-inch point. It’s very slender and around half an inch thick all around. This little vibe is also very lightweight at just under 2 ounces. It takes two AAA batteries, which are included. A water resistant sex toy, the BonBon is super easy to clean with antibacterial soap and warm water. Storage is no problem because this vibe also comes with a cool little satiny pouch, which is perfect for travel.
The packaging consists of a lovely little open-top box covered by a clouded clear plastic sleeve. So, you can see what’s inside, just not very well. There are product pictures on the sides of the plastic sleeve, as well as basic information printed on the back. Inside the box, the BonBon is nestled in a thick paper insert, with the batteries, storage pouch, and instructions (printed in several different languages) tucked underneath.

The BonBon offers four vibration options: three speeds of continuous vibration and one pulse setting. Push the single-button control once to turn it on, and keep pushing to get to your desired setting. The sequence is high vibration, medium vibration, low vibration, pulse, then off. I’m not sure why it starts with the fastest speed. This seems backwards to me, especially since in order to go up a speed you have to toggle all the way back to it. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variance in intensity between the speed settings. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m on low or medium. The vibrations are quite nice and relatively powerful, though. They’re more on the rumbly side as opposed to buzzy, and the motor is pretty quiet. At the lower speeds, it’s not audible through the bed covers or clothes, and even at high speed you can’t hear it through a closed door.

The contoured design allows this vibe to rest on the mons pubis so the tip can stimulate the clitoris hands-free. BonBon can also be worn under clothing very comfortably thanks to its slender size and curved shaped. I was skeptical about it staying in place, especially while walking around, but it actually works really well for me. I can slip it underneath my panties, and as long as my shorts/jeans are pretty thin material, I have no trouble feeling the button to turn it on. It tends to shift around and move a little as I walk, but it doesn’t fall out, even while going up and down stairs and doing daily household chores. It also fits very easily between bodies, so it’s a convenient sex toy to incorporate into partner play and/or use during intercourse.

Apart from the awkward sequence of vibration settings, the only other thing I didn’t like was the battery compartment. For some reason, I had a very difficult time removing the small slide-off cover. While I’m glad that it fits tightly since this toy is meant to be water-resistant, I’m hoping it will get easier to remove over time. However, those are hardly serious problems, especially since the BonBon does very well performance-wise. Perfect for travel and ideal for beginners, this really is a nifty little clitoral stimulator.

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Party Time!

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Well, spring has sprung, flowers are beginning to bloom and it’s that time of year when loving couples make plans to tie the old knot (so to speak). But, before that memorable day comes, the lucky bachelor and bachelorette get one last night of freedom and sometimes mayhem. A night in which only their best of friends can make possible (and quite memorable) with good planning a sprinkling of little devilish intent and lots of drinks. Yes, we are talking about the infamous Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. A night when friends try to make you do things that would make a sailor blush and your future significant other shiver. But, you willingly go with the flow, because the tequila tells you it’s OK and you probably won’t remember much of it anyway.
Bachelorette party ideas:

Play games:

  1. Suck4aBuck – Prepare a white T-shirt for the bride-to-be by sticking Lifesaver all over it. Have guys in the bar pay to suck a lifesaver off the shirt for money. The closer to an intimate body part the more it will cost.
  2. Scavenger Hunt with the Bride – Have all the girls come up with light-hearted dares for the bride to accomplish and check off. Things like “Ask for a Sex On The Beach drink at a bar”, “Dance with a bald headed man”, “Get a guy’s underwear”, “Have a guy do a body shot off of your stomach”, “Have the bride yell in a bar ‘I am getting married and I may be making the biggest mistake of my life’ in front of everyone”, and many more!
  3. Penis Ring TossPeter Pecker is a hilarious game to spice up your next ladies only party. While men throw horseshoes at a barbecue, ladies need a game that will keep their attention. The game is simple; take turns tossing rings at the foot long dong on a life size doll. Whoever rings the ding wins. Laugh out loud fun that may start the gossip on penis size!2.

Decorations: Decorations for the home Bachelorette Party are crucial.

  1. Balloons are always a favorite… from boobies to penis’s there is no party without balloons.
  2. Phallic themed dinnerware is always a great conversation piece. This may be the last piece she gets ;-).
  3. The Penis Bouquet. Your bachelorette may be carrying the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on her lucky day, but on her lucky night make her carry a beautiful wiener bouquet.
  4. There is always the ever famous Pecker Veil. What bride is without her veil? This fun bachelorette veil is decorated with small peckers down the back and an easy to wear clip to affix to her hair. Every bride-to-be shouldn`t go without this fun veil the night of her party.


  1. Home Party – Perfect for those that want to just spend their time with friends and not get to crazy in front of strangers. Just remember to decorate and supply the fun party favors.
  2. Favorite Bar – Going to your favorite drinking spot is always fun. The down side may be like they say in that famous TV show…”It’s where everybody knows your name”, so getting a little wild may be a little embarrassing later.
  3. Las Vegas – Lights, glitz, glamour!! Las Vegas, home of the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” slogan, is the number one destination for many a pre-nuptial festivity. Filled with night clubs, dance clubs, strip clubs (for both men and women) and even the opportunity to hire strippers right to your room for a little more private (and maybe even naughty) fun for just you and your friends. You can hire out private booths at some of the most popular night spots for VIP treatment.

So, if you are in charge of planning the festivities for that final night of freedom, remember to make it fun and memorable for the future bride. Home parties are great, but going out on the town can be even more fun and sometimes even a little embarrassing for the bride-to-be. Just remember to keep it safe and hire a party bus or designate a driver so that you all make it to the church safely.

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Platinum Jack Rabbit – This Rabbit Rocks!!

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I got this for my girlfriend for her birthday and we both love it. We are new to toys so she did a lot of investigating on where was a good place to start. We ended up choosing the Jackrabbit Platinum and man, is it fun. She likes it on her own, and when I use it on her. Everything is great in our sex life. It’s easy to clean, very waterproof, and I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries and leave them out when your not using it. All in all a fantastic toy for beginners. The Rabbit Rocks!


See this toy and more at

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We-Vibe 2 – 6 Mode Dual G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator

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Product Description

The We-Vibe is small enough to be worn while making love and it is the only hands free clitoral vibe with no straps, panties, wires or rings to get in the way. This form fitting and comfortable vibe is made from medical grade silicone and is rechargeable and completely waterproof. This massager is about 10 times more powerful than a typical bullet and it has no batteries to fuss with. It has 2 speeds to satisfy – low speed offers throbbing that gives you the rumble of a large toy and high speed is the ideal climactic stimulation. Just a single charge will give you two hours of fun. The We-Vibe weighs about 2 ounces and has a usable length of 3.25 inches.

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Store your Toys…

February 19, 2010 1 comment

I love my new toy box!!!!!  My collection of toys started to overflow a briefcase that my husband had.  In fact, the contents broke one of the locks.  With children in the house, I didn’t want them to come across any of my toys again.  When my daughter was 5, she found my first vibrator and came down the hall asking what it was.  I was in total shock and dismay.  I couldn’t speak.  I think there have been many other moms put in the same predicament.  My husband told her (what I think is the standard response) that it was a back massager…LOL.  But I realized then that I needed to keep it and all my items under lock and key.   Over the years as the collection of toys, games, lubes, etc…grew, my storage container went bust.  I found this “luggage” that is perfect.  I keep it under the bed or in the closet and the kids’ think it is just another suitcase.  I recommend to anyone that is looking for toy storage to check it out, just click on the link.


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My Favorite Toy

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Few ladies today, from the young single girls to the average soccer moms, do not have a sex toy of some type hidden away somewhere from prying eyes. Whether it be the Super-Sized Porn Star replicated Multi-speed with turbo charger vibrator or the tiny new vibrating finger-tip models put out by famous condom makers and sold right there at your local drugstore. The truth of the matter is,  it is becoming more and more acceptable in today’s society to be able give yourself a little self love and attention, with and without your partner. In fact, many well known news agencies (i.e. – Fox News) are now letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak, on the health benefits of masturbation (see article here). So, for our first review article, we want to get everyone’s opinion on what favorite toy they have looming in your secret hiding place.

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The Emergence of Male Sex Toys in Today’s Society

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By: Eric Schmidt

Ladies have been getting pleasure from sex toys for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Predominantly, these sex toys were dildos, normally made from a tough wood. Then, in the late 19th century, we saw the appearance of vibrators, and no later than the 1920’s you could find vibrators in Sears’ catalogs. Girls have always gotten to enjoy of sex toys although, until recently, they were, mainly, rather quiet about about the subject. How about men? Male sex toys only recently started down the slow path to being as standard in society as dildos and vibrators.
Nevertheless, numerous people, even many girls who make use of dildos and vibrators of their own, perceive sex toys for men, such as fake vaginas and Fleshlights, as only being owned by lonely men, and somewhat nasty. They may not perceive male masturbation as gross by and large, but there’s something about a man employing a sex toy they view as improper.
Fortuitously, as time goes on, male sex toys are gaining ground and approval. Which brings me to the chief issue of this article; what are male sex toys?
There are a number of different sex toys for men, some of which are meant to be enjoyed by couples, such as cock rings. Cock rings can be as simple as a metal ring to something more, a few are even vibrating, giving the girl more intense clitoral stimulation throughout sex.
Another popular male sex toy is the p-spot stimulator. This does precisely what its name implies, it stimulates the p-spot. The p-spot is very comparable to the female g-spot in its nerve density. Countless men find it extraordinarily pleasant to have his prostate stimulated. prostate stimulators are akin in shape to dildos but they have a special shape that allows them to readily make contact with and rub the male p-spot. This type of sex toy can be used throughout self masturbation, or they can remain in during sex, the movement of your body will cause the toy to massage the p-spot.
After that there are cock cages. Cock cages are employed during BDSM, in all levels, the wearer is very nearly always a sub or slave. Their only use is to serve as a chastity device and inhibit the penis from becoming hard. This gives the sub a sense of vulnerability as the dom has complete control over him.
This brings us to the fashion of sex toy that most people visualize when they hear ‘male sex toy’, the male masturbator. There are several styles of male masturbators available to buy these days, from very basic silicone pads that a man uses in his hand, to fake vaginas all the way up to dolls.
One of the most renowned male masturbators is the Fleshlight, the Fleshlight is an extremely lifelike feeling masturbator that is ‘hidden’ is a large, flashlightesque case. They come in a wide range of types and inner textures and right now you can find them molded from 10 different porn stars. However, the Fleshlight isn’t the solitary toy that’s molded after porn stars, you can find many masturbators that are molds of the entire waist region of women. Depending on the material they’re made of, they can span from $30 to $300 and can be amazingly realistic.
So, there it is, the sex toys for men. Be open about it, if you’re a man, try some toys, if your a lady, don’t judge, everyone enjoys new things and pleasurable experiences!

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